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  Bonus Bingo

Bonus Bingo is based on traditional bingo games. The graphics and animation in Bonus Bingo are richly colored and the game is a thrill to play.
In Bonus Bingo, you can play up to four, 25-spot bingo cards and try to create specific patterns on each card by matching the 44 bingo balls drawn, however, Bonus Bingo is beyond traditional bingo. It has special features such as multipliers, scatter wins and a bonus round.
The bonus round is based on loyalty and is triggered when you have captured five Joker balls. An exciting feature is the ability to accumulate Bonus Balls over time. You need a total of five Joker balls to reach the games bonus round. Your bonus ball balance is saved each time you play allowing you to accumulate them over time. Just do9 not forget, use all four cards, to get the Joker ball.



picture of Bonus Bingo

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